Academic Calendar

Winter/Spring 2023

January 3

School resumes after winter break

January 16

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (closed)

February 6

Professional Development Day (no school for Classes K–XII)

February 20

Midwinter break (closed)

March 17

Regular dismissal for spring break

April 3

School resumes after spring break

April 6

Passover (closed)

April 7

Good Friday (closed)

April 21

Eid al-Fitr observed (closed)

May 29

Memorial Day (closed)

June 14

Last day of school, K–VIII

June 15

Last day of school, IX-XII

Fall 2023

August 21

Athletics Preseason begins

September 4

Labor Day (closed)

September 5

Orientation for new students in Classes I–IV
Orientation for Classes V–IX
Orientation for student leaders in Classes X–XII

September 6

First day of school for Classes I-XII
Orientation for Classes IX–XII in AM
Kindergarten Orientation

September 7

Kindergarten Orientation

September 8

First day of school for Kindergarten

September 25

Yom Kippur (closed)

October 9

Fall break (closed)

October 10

Professional Development Day (no school for Classes K-XII)

November 21

Regular dismissal for Thanksgiving break

November 27

School resumes after Thanksgiving break

December 22

Noon dismissal for winter break